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• In 2020 the single most effective business investment in marketing should be customer reviews.

• Here are three reasons businesses should start taking reviews more seriously:

1. It makes your business look trustworthy

Reviews play an important role in making your business look like a trustworthy source of information, whether it's in the eyes of Google or that of searching consumers. Many potential shoppers and customers will choose whether or not to choose your business after reading reputable reviews online and from a variety of platforms, whether that is Google, Facebook, The Better Business Bureau, or others. While many will trust the opinion of a friend, trusting the unbiased opinion of third party reviews will encourage even more consumers to choose your business.

As importantly, Google's analytics DO take notice of businesses with higher reviews, both in terms of volume, quality, and diversity. Local search rankings in the Google My Business Maps is only most positively effected by reviews.

This is a vital component in your Local SEO strategy. According to data, around 9% of Google’s search algorithm is impacted by new consumer reviews. With enough positive reviews, your business could even show up in the coveted Google “map pack,which displays location-relevant businesses pertaining to a consumer’s search query. But even if you don’t make it into the map pack, Google is also more likely to recommend websites with highly rated reviews. This is because Google places a higher value on websites that are trustworthy within the business niche they occupy. If your custom website utilizes keywords, has good reviews, and buys strong ads, you can dominate your competition.

2. It’s easier to find your business

People use Google all the time to find new businesses to patron. The higher you get on Google’s search results, the more likely people will click on your business’s website. In fact, it’s estimated that the first organic hit on the search engine page will receive around 32.5% of the traffic share. With quality reviews driving your business your search rankings, this organic SEO will help bring your business to the top.

3. It can showcase your commitment to your customers

No business likes to receive a negative review. But, when a bad review does get submitted to your website, it gives you the chance to rectify a bad situation. Address your customer complaints and explain how your company will improve and apologize for the experience your customer had with your company. (With our services, the negative review WILL NOT be published, but rather, directed to the business owner in the form of a message and given the opportunity to reply via that message, versus having to reply to an already published negative review).

Did you know that over 93% of purchases begin with an online search? When you want to improve your rankings on Google, you need to utilize local SEO strategies that work for your business. For more information about the benefits of Google reviews and custom website design services, rely on a premium SEO company you can trust: Kurko Creative.



  • 86% of customers read online reviews for businesses
  • Customers read an average of 10 reviews before they feel like they can trust you
  • 40% of consumers only take into consideration reviews within the past 2 weeks
  • 89% of potential customers read businesses’ responses to reviews
  • 91% of 18-34 year olds trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation


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