Google My Business (GMB) Optimization

One of the most important steps in your local SEO strategy will be to first lay claim to your Google My Business (GMB) listing, and verify the listing with Google. Once your GMB is listed and verified we can go to work optimizing the listing to increase the probability of ranking in the Map 3-Pack (see photo in sidebar).

The Google Map 3-Pack receives approximately 55% of all local search clicks.

When you are able to rank your business inside the Google 3-Pack, potential customers are going to see your business as one of the most relevant in the search results, and will naturally gravitate towards your listing.

With the visibility the 3-Pack provides your business, and the short attention span of most searchers, all that's needed is a good dose of customer reviews to spur the searcher to your phone number, or directions to your business location. An increase in phone calls and increase in store traffic simply equates to more sales and higher profits.



How to Rank in the Google Maps Pack

You know the importance of ranking your GMB Listing in the Google 3-Pack. Now where do you start?

Create your "Google My Business" Listing

Go to to find if your business is already listed. Simply type your business name into the "Business Name" box to get your results.

Your business may already be listed as a result of Google seeing it other locations, such as directories. Go ahead and claim it and verify ownership.

If your business is not already listed, you can follow the Google tutorial to register your business.

Verify Your Business Address

There are a number of ways to verify your GMB. Most likely you will just submit the GMB application form to receive a postcard containing a verification code. Enter the code with Google Business and your business is verified.

In some cases, if your business listing has been in the Google data-base for a time, you may be given the option of a phone-call verification.

Optimize Your GMB Business Listing

Optimization is the heartbeat of your GMB Listing. The information must be accurate, consistent, and complete. google will match this information with other mentions of your business across the entirety of the internet. Properly done, the effects can significantly improve your ranking, while improper optimization can hinder your results.

Here's a list of information required:

• Business Name

• Primary and Secondary Categories

• Name | Address | Phone (NAP Data)

• Customer Reviews

If any of this information has changed over time, a web-wide search with corrections/updates must be performed.


We Can Help

We are happy to help you with any and all of the work required to get your GMB up and working for you. The benefits of an optimized GMB may very well outweigh the importance of any business directory listing , as well as your website itself.

Call (608) 381-4703 for complimentary guidance and a free business listing analyzation (or) Fill out the contact form in this page's sidebar.






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