About Us

KurkoCreative offers a unique EXCLUSIVE service in Local Search Ranking. What this means is we will dedicate ALL focus and resources to your business, EXCLUSIVELY in your business niche. So, if you are a roofing company, you are the ONLY roofing company we will offer our services to locally. We care about our business relationships. Go ahead and ask that question of any other marketing guru who is accepting your hard-earned advertising money...see what they say. In other words, when we say we care, we back it up with actions, and take care of you and give YOUR business the true edge up on its local competitors.

We’re here to help the Mom & Pop, solopreneurs, the local shops, the start-ups with big aspirations... We’re here to help level the playing field. We’re all about bringing awareness to good businesses and good service outside of the “Big Boxes” and deep pocketed franchises. No campaigns written by slick copywriters needed. If we can help Google think (know) that you, the small business, can provide a better widget with better customer service, then we’ve done exactly what we set out to do. Let’s be clear; we can help you show your true colors, to influence trust, and get more business without the big price-tag. And remember, it's an exclusive offer to your business in your business niche. Let's go!

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